The truth of the matter is that you never really know what is going on inside of you until you are pushed to the wall. The way we deal with the issues we face really exposes us from the inside out.

I thought that just saying “You’re forgiven” or “it is okay” is all it took to move past the hurt. I realized that it is not about just saying that “it is okay” or “you’re forgiven”. It is all about being true to yourself, searching deep within you, accepting and understanding why you’re hurt, and then talking about it- not bottling things up- and then finally letting it go. A cousin of mine says “Acceptance is the beginning of recovery”. This is true. Many times we live in denial, thinking that we are okay – smiling, waving and giving off a summery happy camper vibe to every one we meet and yet deep inside we are moving bombs – building up walls of hate, anger, rage, bitterness, and even disease.

All of a sudden, one small thing makes you so angry and you find yourself doing things or saying things you never thought of. You’re like a bomb that has had a 20 year timer, and it goes off so unexpectedly.

The worst part is the damage done affects those around you and even those who really had nothing to do with your past hurt.

If you have been or are in such a situation- or maybe you don’t really know what is going on inside of you, I suggest that you stop whatever you are doing, and reflect. Ask yourself these three fundamental questions:

  1. Are you okay?
  2. Are you happy?
  3. Why do you do what you do?

They seem simple and straight forward but if you actually think about it- these questions are the beginning of discovering what is going on inside of you. Apply them to all the different aspects in your life- your health, finances, peace of mind, relationships, family, career, your faith, etc:

  1. Are you okay?

Are you well –physically, mentally, socially, financially, spiritually, emotionally- is everything you are pursuing making sense to you and are the people around you the type who encourage you and motivate you to be the best version of yourself? Are you okay with where you are at right now?

  1. Are you happy?

Are you happy about your life at the moment? Is there anything you wish to change that you cannot change? How did you deal with that friend who disappointed you? Did you forgive your boss for embarrassing you in front of your colleagues? Are you happy about your looks- comfortable in your own skin? How about your relationship- is this something you want to actually hold on to because he/she totally makes you happy? How do people feel when you are around them?

  1. Why do you do what you do?

Is it the fear of failure driving you? Is it because you want recognition? Are you trying to fit in but you just can’t because you lack something? Do you have any more options? Why do you hold on to what you do? Will you feel better if you keep at it? Are there any positive changes that you have seen ever since you began doing what you do?

I know some of these questions are complicated but I challenge you today to really search deep within you and find out what is going on inside of you.

The next questions to ask yourself are:

  • What do you want to do about it?
  • What do you need to do about it?

If something has to change, change it- if you need to make a phone call and mend a broken relationship, do it, if you need to work out and eat healthy- just do it!

Above all…Be honest, Be real, Be you!

May you have a prosperous new year!




During this Christmas season,  there is no doubt that you are going to eat a wide array of foods,  puddings,  sweets and juices!  It is a season to literally eat, drink and be merry.  Although this season brings joy and happiness to many,  it can also bring about weight gain and bloatedness because of all the starchy foods and desserts consumed.

I have been a victim of being bloated.  But that is not the end of season.  I have realized that I still have the power to fight off bloating and still enjoy eating  like many of my peers.

Some of the ways I have fought off bloating include:

1. Starting my day with a warm glass of lemon water /Apple Cider Vinegar


2. Staying active throughout the days such as dancing at parties, helping to set up events and also playing with my little puppy buddy.

3. Sipping  on water all day long.  I carry a bottle of water everywhere I go.

4. Chewing my food slowly 

5. Stretching right before I sleep

These tips have helped me say bye to bloating and hello to the Christmas season.

You too have the power to say bye to bloating!

Merry Christmas Friends.








Over the past two months I have been offline- not blogging, not writing- just focusing on other things around me. I have worked tirelessly, fallen sick, sweated, and even cried at times, just to see that my dreams of becoming the best Nutritionist in Uganda Comes true. I have come to realize that I cannot compartmentalize my life too much because everything just happens to exist all at the same time.

What i mean is that you cannot just tell your body to stop digesting food for a minute, you cannot tell your eyes to stop blinking, you cannot tell your brain to stop processing information, and you cannot tell the sun to stop shining all of a sudden. Literally every thing happens at the same time. You have to keep alert and aware and try to stay on top of your game in all moments and at all times.

This is where commitment and consistency come in handy. For you to see the fruits of your work, endeavor to remain consistent with the things you have committed to and keep working SMART. 


  1. Eating Healthy and Staying Hydrated
  2. Working out 3 times a week (Monday/Wednesday/ Friday)
  3. Reading my word (Without God, I cannot do anything)
  4. Communicating (Following up my Clients weekly and Blogging)
  5. Keeping my Promises


What are you going to commit to this season?



Phone call…

Friend A: “Hey Girl! How are you! It’s been so long since we saw each other, do you wanna catch up!?”

You: “Uhhh… Sounds good! Yeah sure without a doubt let’s do it!”

*Date Happens*

Three Days Later

Friend B: “Yo!! Sis it’s been forever- what are you up to?! Get sometime off of work and let’s hang out tomorrow !”

You: “Sure sure! Dude can’t wait to see you!”

*Date Happens*

The two days later..

Friend C: “Omg Girl- you won’t believe this! I have this awesome project that I was asked to be a part of and I want you (actually need) you to be a part of it! We need your expertise in this field … yeah they will pay for sure ! Are you in?

You: “Yes! How possibly can I say no to that!!!”

*Project Happens*

This routine goes on for the next few weeks, then months and soon a full year has gone by!

Crazy but true! It’s not bad to be a part of other people’s lives, but are you in touch with your own life ? Many times we draw our sense of purpose by doing things with or for others, but that’s not what your true identity or purpose should be solely based on.

In the middle of your busy schedule, don’t forget to show yourself some love too. Hang out with yourself- enjoy your own company- do what makes you happy for yourself!!!


You: “Hey me- do you actually love me?… okay show me?!


Do the things you love and don’t feel guilty about it. It’s okay to take a little time off for yourself and have fun because you deserve it!!












We have all either heard, seen, or even learnt and know the meaning of a balanced diet. But why is it that adjusting our lives to incorporate balanced diets is hard while stopping to buy some French fries, pizza, fried chicken and ice-cream, downing everything with a cold bottle of soda or beer is easy?  

While there are many reasons to explain this issue- for example peer pressure, stress, affordability, accessibility, and also general preference, there are so many more reasons why we need to take control of our diets and choose what is best for our bodies because at the end of the day, ‘You are what you eat!’.

The WHO recommends 5-7 servings of fruit and vegetables! People should aim at having a minimum of 2 servings of fruit and a minimum of 3 servings of vegetables. To make this easy for you, a serving can be equated to any portion size as big as your fist. An apple or a cupped palm of fruit salad is equivalent to one serving of fruit.

So question is how many servings of fruit do you actually eat on a daily basis?

Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B Complex and vitamin C which will boost your immune system, reducing the chances of infections. These vitamins also boost your energy levels by increasing the rate of absorption of other minerals. For example, the iron found in green leafy vegetables like Kale, is absorbed faster when it interacts with vitamin C found in Oranges, passion or any other citrus fruits.  IMG_2117

Vegetables such as pumpkin, and avocado, as well as seeds like Chia and  are optimal sources of vitamin A, Vitamin E and fiber respectively , which will improve your digestion, improving your blood glucose levels, reduce the LDL “bad cholesterol”, and will make you feel full for longer thus aid in weight loss.

When cooking vegetables, one should avoid frying them or boiling them for a long time. Instead use methods like steaming or light stir-frying to preserve the nutrients. You should ensure to add natural complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, whole grains like oats, and brown bread in order to increase your fiber intake.

Proteins are also needed in your diet because they aid in tissue and muscle repair, heart health, and wound healing. Proteins can be found in beans, peas, nuts, soya, and tofu.

Other animal products such as milk, fish, eggs or chicken. It is important however to limit the intake of red meats like beef and pork.

Super-foods are also a vital part in your diet because they have higher levels of antioxidants which improve one’s general body functioning and reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arthritis, gout and other non-communicable diseases. These include blue berries, garlic, grapes, ginger, garlic, turmeric, moringa, onions, honey and even yoghurt!Look at these yummy super berries!

So here are my final tips to help you make better nutritive decisions:

  1. Start your day with a warm hearty breakfast filled with each of the nutrients mentioned above!
  2. To avoid binge eating when you are out with friends, ensure to something from home before leaving for a party or restaurant.
  3. Drink always drink water 30minutes before any meal- for most times we confuse hunger with dehydration.d
  4. Eat food as closest to its natural form as possible (#TeamWholeFruit)
  5. Don’t eat heavy after 7pm

So with these basics on nutrition, incorporated with daily exercises, and hydration, I know you shall hit your health target. Remember, every decision you make affects your body, mind and soul- Yes, even the foods you eat!

So go on and strike a balance today!


It’s never too late to restore your health.  You no longer have to sit down in self-pity indulging unhealthy nutritional behaviors. Get up! and Get Healthy with Every Step you take!

Each of us is given 24 hours daily of life, but approximately 8-9hours is spent in bed and or in traffic jam, 8hrs -12 hours at work, so you’re now probably wondering how you can fit in the 30min of exercise in your routine and yet the WHO recommends 150 minutes per week of physical exercise for all adults. This may seem unrealistic—but if you look at it critically, it actually does not take that much to achieve. It only takes 30 minutes for 5 days or perhaps 1hr for 3days.


Walking! This is the best and most practical ways of achieving your target. You can park your car further away from the office, bank, and shopping mall or anywhere you go. When you park further away, you have no option but to get up on your feet and just walk. The more you walk, the stronger your bones will become, the more abdominal fat you will burn, the higher your metabolism, and the stronger you will feel. A power walk in the morning hours or late in the evening after dinner is ideal. To make this more fun, you can create a music playlist on your phone whose total time adds upto 30 minutes (8songs on average) and whenever you get an opportunity to walk, let those songs be your timer. Time to plug in your earphones and listen to your favorite songs and walk your way to health!

Besides walking, you could opt for dance fitness classes, swimming, running, or teaming up with your colleagues for a game of soccer, basketball, or tennis. You could also choose to work out in your room –whatever makes you sweat, go for it!

Breaking a sweat daily has many benefits such as strengthening your core, heart muscle and bones, reducing your bad-cholesterol, improving your blood glucose levels, boosting mental focus and energy levels, and release stress.

In a recent study on the Nutritional Status among Salaried employees of Bank of Uganda, it was found that those who used exercise as a stress coping mechanism had the least likelihood of overweight and obesity compared to those who recline (Suubi, et.al 2018). Study on the Nutritional Status of Bank Workers, Uganda Kampala

Finally- something we all want to achieve, getting into great shape with a younger and glowing skin and a toned body, which will ultimately boost your confidence! Exercise will surely get you there. Imagine wearing your clothes and each of the outfits you thrown on, you simply look great! With all eyes on you, everyday would be a good day!

So here are my final tips to help you become more consistent in your exercise routine:

  1. Select your days of exercising as well as the time you will always exercise.
  2. Choose exactly what you will be doing and for how long (Preferably something you enjoy).
  3. Share your workout plan with a trusted friend who will keep you accountable
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  5. Prepare your best exercise gear (workout clothes, canvas shoes, swim suit music playlist)
  6. Put a reminder on your phone and a monthly target (this could be to lose weight, improving your blood glucose, being fit, anything you feel like you want to achieve).

Always remember, you can’t enjoy life if you can’t move in it! Keep Exercising.



This is something that doesn’t come easily to people like me.

They call us “Goal driven, Workaholics, Choleric, Pen Addicts….”

Throughout my University, I was so used to waking up early 5:30AM, eating breakfast at 7:00am -because duh!It is the most important meal of the Day– and then rush out of the house to catch my 8:00AM Class.  I was at Campus from 8:00am-5:00pm (Yey! To being a Full-Time Student).  During my midday break, I would always leave the Campus to go and attend to my Nutrition Clients or students then rush back for my 2:00PM class. During holidays, it was all about internship!

This was my days’ schedule for the past four years and I have to say I was content! Nothing seemed to make sense for me if I was just seated there doing nothing. I always thought I had have something to do. ALWAYS. Even after classes, I would rush to my church for some ministry work , or my dance fitness classes or my assignments.

It was until last month when I graduated that I realized that my 8:00am-5:00pm routine had come to an end. At first I immediately started applying for jobs. Aggressively knocking doors, going in for interviews and also building up my clientele. I couldn’t handle the thought of not having something to do. After 3 weeks of applying, I begun to slowly become depressed that no one was getting back to me.

Those who did get back to me have so far said, “wait”, or “sorry, you didn’t make it”.

I shared my frustration with my best friend and he told me that “Becky, maybe it is time for you to take time off and Breathe”.

Working Hard is a beautiful thing, but when seasons are changing, It is often good to take time off and reflect on your dreams, and goals, have a self-evaluation, make a game-plan and also enjoy the wait!

When you stop and Breathe, you begin to think clearly and you become more aware of things you ought to change or adapt. It is not a crime to be in a waiting season. Make the most of your waiting season- do what makes you happy, learn more, laugh harder, sleep longer and write more.

I have begun doing these things and I am starting to appreciate everything around me. The things I had stopped doing, I have started doing them again. I feel alot happier, content, and most of all I feel at peace with myself.

Not that everything is perfect, but that everything will be beautiful in its own Time. For now, I will enjoy the wait.

So, here’s to you who is in the waiting season….Take Time off and Breathe!